I made a foraging trip to 2 historic places to get the ingredients for the wild garlic and nettle soup recipe in Saint Patrick’s Plate (Page 32). The videos below explain all.

First I went to the aptly named Beaulieu House at the mouth of the river Boyne to forage for wild garlic. The Boyne valley with its year round supply of salmon has been a focal point for civilisations in Ireland since the earliest times. Hence, the stone age settlement at Newgrange and Ireland’s High King being based at Tara during Saint Patrick’s time. There are many myths and legends that surround the Hill of Tara and the relationship Saint Patrick had with the area.

Then I stopped at Baldongan Castle in North County Dublin to get some nettles. This historic site has its origins in Christianity having being founded by the Kinghts Templar in the 13th century.

This healthy and delicious seasonal soup fit for a King, (or indeed a Knight!), could have been familiar to Saint Patrick given his Roman origins. Both ingredients have been widely used in Roman recipes since before he came to Ireland.

So, like I imagine Saint Patrick did, get out in the fresh air, forage and enjoy!

Terry McCoy