About a week ago, in an effort to maintain sanity and stave off boredom, I thought I would take on the challenge of making some sourdough bread. Sourdough bread is notoriously tricky to make and can take around 7 or 8 days for the first batch. Check out my video below for the ingredients and the process.

The first recorded civilization to have used sourdough bread was the ancient Egyptians around 1500BC. The knowledge spread north to the ancient Greeks and the Romans in turn learned the art of sourdough bread from the Greeks, making improvements in kneading and baking.

So, my hypothesis is that given his Roman heritage, Saint Patrick would have been familiar with sourdough bread. I can easily imagine making sourdough bread being part of his daily routine. And what a way to impress the local Irish chieftains by serving up some sophisticated and exotic bread.

It just takes a little know-how, some time and lots of patience. While you have time on your hands during this period of lockdown, try it out, or for that matter any of the more than 60 recipes in Saint Patrick’s Plate.

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Stay safe everyone…

Terry Mc Coy