As covid19 rumbles on around the world there is still a lot of uncertainty ahead. However, even in this uncertain world, seasonal produce is still available. So, I decided to create the baked crab recipe in Saint Patrick’s Plate, using freshly caught crabs from the Irish sea.

Check out my video below for the methodology and ingredients. This is quite a sophisticated recipe but once you master the skill of extracting the crab meat the rest is pretty straightforward. Your guests will be mightily impressed!

Shellfish has been widely eaten in Ireland since the earliest times. As Saint Patrick navigated the coast and rivers of Ireland he would have eaten shellfish and indeed baked crab, with the natives as he preached the gospel of Christ.

Strangford Lough is purportedly where Saint Patrick first sailed to on his return to Ireland after becoming a Bishop. The lough is also famous for its sweet tasting crabs.

I can just imagine the Saint tucking into a meal of Strangford baked crab at Saul, Co. Down, while converting the local chieftain, Dichu, to Christianity!

Bon appétit and good health!

Terry Mc Coy