Saint Patrick’s day is upon us, the day where the whole world goes green and everyone is a little bit Irish! It makes me proud to see so many iconic buildings light up in green all around the world in celebration of Ireland’s national holiday.

And, of course, this year is the first year in 3 when events can happen in person, so we should really embrace the opportunity to celebrate our Irishness with music, dance, culture, story telling and the subject dearest to my heart – food and beverage.

I get asked a lot how to make the perfect Irish Coffee so I thought I would make a little video to show you how – check it out below. It’s really very easy, just make sure that the whiskey is Irish!

Don’t forget! The second edition of Saint Patrick’s Plate with wonderful local ancient recipes from Saint Patrick’s country is coming soon!

Please get in touch to enquire about advance orders.

Happy Saint Patrick’s day!

Sláinte, Terry McCoy