As the lockdown continues, here is a really easy recipe to try out and a great way to get young children involved in cooking.

I’ve been making Saint Patrick’s Flapjacks while cocooning with my family and young granddaughter. She is really enjoying the fun and achievement of making the flapjacks, but, the best bit is that she is eating a healthy and wholesome snack! They taste great and are brilliant for energy before going out for some daily exercise.

Check out my video below for the ingredients and method for Saint Patrick’s Flapjacks.

In Saint Patrick’s time in Ireland, I imagine a version of these flapjacks being in the Saint’s satchel to give him vital energy for his travels and miraculous deeds!

I hope you and yours are staying safe and healthy. Fingers xed we will start to see some relaxation of lockdown measures in the coming weeks.

Terry Mc Coy