This book is an attempt to imagine the recipes that would have been used in the 5th century as St. Patrick and his followers traversed Ireland, spreading the gospel. What we do know about food and cooking from St. Patrick’s time is that it was healthy, high in energy values, and free from modern methods of preservation and extension of shelf life.
With the recent movement back to shoots and roots in full swing, what better way to explore a healthy diet, inspired by the saint and his saga.

Saint Patrick's Plate - Terry with food
August, 2018. Chef Terry McCoy in his Redbank restaurant, Skerries. Photo: Barry Cronin

There are over 60 recipes in Saint Patrick’s Plate and there is something for everyone – from first time cooks to more accomplished chefs who want to add to their repertoires. Recipes include fabulous seafood dishes, tasty snacks and starters, mouth-watering desserts, as well as homemade stocks, pasta, jams, cheese, wine, beer, gin and much more.

These recipes sit alongside beautifully illustrated images, fabulous photos and are interspersed with stories and legends.

This book is the perfect gift for aspiring chefs, home cooks and everyone interested in finding out about the healthy foods that St. Patrick may have eaten.