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Terry McCoy has been a chef for more than 50 years and has been lucky enough to travel the world and earn a living from cooking through my passion for food.

“It gives me great pride to write my first cook book as I turn a chapter towards retirement. Since moving to Skerries on the east coast of Dublin more than 40 years ago, I have been fascinated by the story of St. Patrick. Despite his worldwide fame, there is little in the way of food references in the stories and legends associated with St. Patrick.
This gave me the idea for Saint Patrick’s Plate…” 

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Saint Patrick's Plate - Terry McCoy -Book Launch Mansion House - Bertie Ahern
Terry McCoy signings at the Mansion House

Nicky Byrne of Westlife and Dancing with the Stars talks to Terry McCoy in Manor Bookshop in Malahide. “I am very grateful to Nicky Byrne of Westlife and Dancing with the Stars for helping me out with my latest video below. I’m proud to hear such positive words from Nicky, and can’t wait to see what he cooks up.” We’re living in strange times at the moment but hopefully the world will continue to turn and things will get back to normal in time. So, for the upcoming St. Patrick’s day festivities, whether you’re in quarantine or not, why not hunker down and try out a new recipe from Saint Patrick’s Plate ?

There are over 60 to choose from, most use fresh local ingredients that are easy to source. You can even forage for ingredients like St. Patrick did to get out in the fresh air and get some positive perspective. Special thanks to Robert in Manor books of Malahide and of course thank you Nicky for your kind words! Is ”Cooking with the Stars” next?! Watch this space… Happy Saint Patrick’s Plate day everyone – Eat well and stay well! Buy your copy of the book here – www.saintpatricksplate.com


This book is an attempt to imagine the recipes that would have been used in the 5th century as St. Patrick and his followers traversed Ireland, spreading the gospel. What we do know about food and cooking from St. Patrick’s time is that it was healthy, high in energy values, and free from modern methods of preservation and extension of shelf life.
With the recent movement back to shoots and roots in full swing, what better way to explore a healthy diet, inspired by the saint and his saga.

Saint Patrick's Plate - Terry with food
August, 2018. Chef Terry McCoy in his Redbank restaurant, Skerries. Photo: Barry Cronin

There are over 60 recipes in Saint Patrick’s Plate and there is something for everyone – from first time cooks to more accomplished chefs who want to add to their repertoires. Recipes include fabulous seafood dishes, tasty snacks and starters, mouth-watering desserts, as well as homemade stocks, pasta, jams, cheese, wine, beer, gin and much more.

These recipes sit alongside beautifully illustrated images, fabulous photos and are interspersed with stories and legends.

This book is the perfect gift for aspiring chefs, home cooks and everyone interested in finding out about the healthy foods that St. Patrick may have eaten.


The food and cooking from St. Patrick’s time was healthy, high in energy values, and free from modern methods of preservation and extension of shelf life. With the recent movement back to shoots and roots in full swing, Saint Patrick’s Plate explores a healthy diet, inspired by the saint and his saga, with over 60 recipes using ingredients still available today.

The recipes in this book are derived from cooking methods used in the 5th century and the ingredients that were available to St. Patrick. For a few dishes, I have drawn inspiration by adapting recipes from the Roman Empire and using modern ingredients. All the recipes are easy to produce, and where possible, I have attempted to keep
preparation time to around 30 minutes and use fresh ingredients that are easily available. The dishes in Saint Patrick’s Plate can contribute to a healthy and balanced diet. Eat well! 

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Saint Patrick’s Blackberry Jam
Apples and Plums and Jina Maria
Saint Patrick’s Elderflower Fruit Soup
Saint Patrick’s Baked Crab
Nicky Byrne loves Saint Patrick’s Plate
Saint Patrick’s Valentine Salmon Tartar
Saint Patrick’s Wild Garlic and Nettle Soup
Saint Patrick’s Razor Clams
Saint Patrick’s Flapjacks
Saint Patrick’s Panettone Cake
Seaweed and Saint Patrick
Saint Patrick’s Christmas Eggnog


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If you buy Saint Patrick’s Plate today we can ship worldwide. We hope to spread the concept of healthy eating across the globe, far and wide! Cook food inspired by Ireland’s move beloved saint and read about some of the myths and legends associated with Patrick. Ireland in the 5th century was a wild and rugged landscape. Patrick and his entourage would have had good access to meat and fish. Nowadays we want to promote less preservatives and sugar in your diet. Buy Saint Patrick’s Plate today!